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What is Kahuna Lomi Lomi Massage?

The Kahuna/Lomi Lomi massage technique originated in the South Pacific and provides a wholistic approach to healing by balancing the body-mind in its physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. It is based around dance and rhythm movements performed by the practitioner to redistribute energy flow within the recepients body, auric field and chakra system.
Each massage is performed to suit the individual's requirements at that time. I use my hands, elbows and forearms in long flowing strokes of varying intensity and rhythm up and down the whole body, starting at the feet and working up through the body and out through the hands. Whilst moving around the table, energy is channeled through me into the client. Whilst music is played, I attune the flow of the massage to harmonise the various rhythms with the client's body-mind-soul. Intuitive Bodywork leaves you feeling lighter, clearer and more energised.

What to expect after a massage?

Kahuna/Lomi Lomi massage, also known as Intuitive Bodywork, is a powerful form of healing which affects people differently and goes beyond what words are able to express. It induces changes in energy levels, emotions and physical feelings. You will be amazed by the energy you receive, physical healing and relaxation. It is important to feel all of your feelings which can include unlocking stuck emotions, crying, laughing, smiling. Other times you may see colours, have ideas come to mind, feel at peace, release past memories or connect more deeply to your soul. It will be different at each session and will depend on what you require at the time of the treatment.

What to expect during a massage?

Before a massage session I speak with the client to establish their current state of physical health. This assists me to determine what the main focus of the session will be to obtain maximum benefits.
During the massage, you will benefit most from trying to “switch off” and focus your attention on your breathing. It is best not to talk throughout the treatment as this allows you to deepen your experience of relaxation, but it is up to you as to how you are feeling at the time. If you experience discomfort or need to express a particular need, feel free to communicate this at any stage during the treatment.

What are the benefits of massage?

Massage generates an overall sense of well being, vitality and empowerment. It alleviates muscle aches, improves flexibility, reduces pain and heals injuries faster and more completely, treats the immune, lymphatic, circulatory, digestive and respiratory systems to promote improved health and fitness.
Emotionally it helps to release blockages, fear, anger, guilt or grief as well as negative beliefs, self criticism and traumatic memories. Massage creates a calming sense of peace and relaxation, stills the mind and offers opportunity for self awareness, self acceptance and self love. The overall result can bring about clarity and confidence, trust, joy, open heartedness and contentment leading to more love, happiness and balance in life.

All treatments can involve the use of essential oils and crystals if required.