Rose Quartz and Iolite Crystal Necklace & Earrings

Rose Quartz and Iolite Crystal Necklace & Earrings


Rose Quartz and Iolite Crystal Necklace and Earrings. Product Length - 42cm Necklace, 4.5cm Earrings


    Product Length - 42cm necklace, 4.5cm earrings; Custom size - please specify. All jewellery is custom made and therefore can be altered as required. On ocassions, the design may have to differ slightly to make the item longer - this will be communicated at the time. Healing properties: Rose Quartz - A symbol of love and compassion. Emotionally calming, assisting in the release of grief, jealousy, anger, fear and stress. Increases fertility, encourages ideas and creativity. Associated with the heart chakra. Healing properties: Iolite: Is also known as water sapphire. Iolite is most commonly used for meditation, astral travel and to stimulate visions. It can assist in balancing one’s male and female energies, and helps release conflict. Facilitates the acceptance of responsibility and may aid in overcoming debts. It improves general health, increases liver function and protects against the effect of alcohol. Associated with third eye and crown chakras.

    All items in their original form can be returned for a full refund, at the buyer’s expense for postage (in line with Australia Post prices). Given each product is custom made, changes can be made at the buyer’s expense. This will be quoted individually as it is dependent on what changes are required to the item. Hands on Healing Vic will make any changes free of charge, if different from the original promised item. It is therefore essential that you specify the desired length, specific crystals to be used and preferred design. A sample image and specific requirements will be confirmed prior to posting. If you have any questions, please email Marie at

    Items purchased will incur the standard Australia Post shipping costs. These will be confirmed at the time of purchase as they differ per weight, size, location, etc. If you have any questions, please email Marie at
  • All Jewellery is custom made & unique designs

    Please check the attached document of previous samples. Ensure you select the required length, a preferred design or if you would like a different crystal.