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FAQs - Crystal Healing



What is Crystal Healing?

Healing Crystals are a powerful tool used to intensify treatment, accelerating and deepening healing on all levels. The crystals are placed on or around the body throughout the massage or healing.
Crystals hold luminous, radiant powers of the universe which help to activate inner knowledge hidden from past lives. This past insight is locked within the Soul Triangle of the Crown Chakra. The Soul Triangle is a threefold energy centre within the human head area, it consists of the Pituitary gland, the Pineal gland and the Higher self.

How do crystals benefit healing?

The human body is an organ of energy that holds many mysteries. Crystals carry tones that vibrate to the Soul's harmonics. Therefore by using crystals, they tune in with the memories held within the body and assist on a physical, mental and emotional level in releasing past issues. The colors, forms and structures of crystals create different vibrations to generate various healing powers. Almost every type of crystal can be used in healing. The shape, cut and color of the crystal can bring a different charge to the energy field. For example, pyramid crystal are excellent room and meditation pieces due to their energy focus at the apex. They are known as a symbol of “Initiation” holding particular vibrations that will release old memories, old feelings or anything that may cause emotional blockage within the body.

Are there different crystals?

There are many types of crystals and each one has it's own healing properties. There are also a number of techniques used with crystals:

  • the “meridian” alignment – settles the pulsations of the physical body – creates balance and clarity;

  • the “triangle” position – treats the soul vibration – assists when feeling lost or insecure;

  • the “I am” technique – connects the earthly physical body with the inner spiritual body – releases negative fears, helps with psyche and skin disorders, obesity, anorexia, balance and mobility.

How to Cleanse Crystals?

It is important to cleanse the crystals to release the negative energies that are collected from one client to the next. There are several processes which can be used for cleansing – placing the crystals in the sun, under a full moon, using an aromatherapy spray directly on the crystals – these are some of the methods used at Hands on Healing Vic.

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